About Maryellen (M.E.)

MaryEllen Hall – Program Administrator

I am a passionate advocate for a healthy and active lifestyle.   Changing the way you eat may be the most transformative action you can take.  I believe healthy living is a lifestyle not a death sentence. Treat your body well and it will treat you well.

I have been practicing nutrition and fitness my whole life since starting competitive swimming at the age of 4. I graduated from Sacramento State University in 1993 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology. I believe your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.  I have been a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, registered yoga teacher, and holistic nutritionist for 20 years. I have incorporated my knowledge of anatomy to become a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor as well.    My most successful patients/clients follow three simple rules for optimal health.  #1 Adequate sleep, #2 Eating Whole Foods (as close to the earth as possible) and #3 Exercise!  Obesity in America has become a serious problem. It’s time for us to get up, get out, and get healthy! Making people’s lives better is not my job – it is my destiny, my chosen path.

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So join me at DeBruin Medical Center for a motivating experience and get the guidance you need to reach your weight management goals!

Here at DeBruin Medical Center, we offer multiple weight loss/weight management programs to cater to each individual’s needs. Our primary goal is to improve your overall health, and to maintain it for life! Our program provides guidelines for exercise routines, menu examples, focusing on your personal impediments to living a healthy lifestyle.  We offer convenient products and supplements to help you reach your goals. By the time you finish our program, you should be prepared, educated, and motivated enough to happily and easily maintain your weight loss goal and to inspire others.  This is not a program where you are alone.  You can’t choose your family, but you can choose DeBruin Medical Center.

Call to setup a FREE consultation! (916) 989-5990