Dr. Emma HCG Weight Loss Program

dr_emma_01We are pleased to offer Dr Emma’s HCG Weight Loss Program. This program combines the benefits of very low dose Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone with a low calorie diet to effectively help patients lose weight and restore the body to a more healthy natural state.

Our HCG weight loss program defers in many ways from the traditional Simeons HCG Diet. Simeons diet has a “one size fit all” approach and many components of its program are not based on scientific research. Dr Emma’s HCG Weight Loss Program was created base on clinical research and trials. Our protocol is adjusted and tailored to meet the patient’s needs.

The benefits of Dr Emma’s HCG Weight Loss Program:

  • Only protocol for HCG Injections with US patent pending.
  • Unlike Dr Simeons protocol, Dr Emma’s diet is based on clinical research
  • Lose from half a pound and up to one pound a day
  • Decreased hunger sensation
  • No massive muscle wasting.
  • Sustain lean body mass during the weight loss program
  • Sensible diet that can easily be integrated into your daily life
  • Weekly visits and nutritionist support included with the program
  • Pre-drawn medication syringes provided. No messy medication mixing.