Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide all of our patients with the necessary tools, education, and support needed to successfully manage their weight. We do this through a comprehensive plan of alternative eating habits, nutrition, fitness, education, support and medical weight management medications when needed.

Excessive weight gain and/or obesity are a chronic illness that will not go away. This fact can be disheartening to most patients. However, there are ways to manage this illness and live a healthy, happy, well-balanced lifestyle. There are 2 main steps in successfully managing your weight. The first step is to lose the majority of the excess weight and the second step is to manage this weight loss with the tools and lifestyle changes needed for long term success.

The DeBruin Medical Weight Management Program will provide you with the tools needed to obtain your weight management goals by following one of our recommended programs and incorporating the key lifestyle changes needed to reach your goals. The following are a few of the necessary changes:

  • Alternative eating habits (balancing proteins, carbohydrates, and fats)
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Regular Fitness Routines – Ask about our personal trainer!
  • Motivation, Support and Patient Education
  • Medical Weight Management Medications, when needed